Hospo shouldn’t have to suck. Let’s organise for a better time at work.

The Hospo Workers Union is a grassroots trade union set up by people working in hospo for people who work in hospo. We’re sick of the blatant exploitation and dodgy conditions of hospo, the rosters that only come out the night before, the lack of legally required breaks, the wage theft and the general feeling of crippling exhaustion as we take the bus home each night.

We decided to do something about this, and hospo workers from across Wellington came together to pool our resources. Out of this, HWU was formed as a vehicle for hospo workers to get better conditions at work. If you want a better work life, we’d love to have you on board.

Our vision, value, and mission

Every hospo worker deserves:

  1. Fair and reasonable working conditions, including (but not limited to) flexible working hours, meaningful leave coverage, and clear policies on overtime
  2. A watchdog against wage theft
  3. An advocate who can provide support if things go wrong

Hospo jobs are a vital part of community life in Aotearoa. Let’s make sure our sector is one we can all be proud of!

Our history

The Hospo Workers Union (HWU) was formed in late 2019 to support hospo workers in the struggle for better working conditions, and to advocate for our common benefit regardless of who we work for and whether we work full-time, part-time, or casually, and regardless of immigration status.

The Hospo Workers Union is a member union of the World Federation of Trade Unions, and the Trade Union International of Workers in Agriculture, Food and Allied Industries. The World Federation of Trade Union unites over one hundred million (100 000 000 000!) workers from around the globe into a fighting federation, the centre of the progressive, class-oriented and democratic union movement. You can find out more about the WFTU and the TUI on their central website.