Union backs Green Party call for hospitality sector working group

The Hospo Workers Union (HWU), a rank-and-file union of hospo workers for hospo workers is endorsing the policy proposal of the Green Party for a hospitality sector working group that brings together trade unions, employers and the Government to jointly chart a more sustainable future for the hospitality industry.

“The hospitality industry is one of the most precarious industries with high worker turnover, low pay and long hours. Furthermore, international studies have shown that hospo workers are more likely to have alcohol problems and smoking habits and have higher second-hand smoke inhalation than the general population,” said Zebedee Schrader, Secretary of the Hospo Workers Union.

“As hospitality slowly resumes and the pandemic subsidies, this is an incredible opportunity to work together on improving some of these problems which not only have this effect on hospo workers but are also detrimental to the hospitality sector as a whole,” continued Schrader.

Due to the large number of small employers in the hospitality sector, the standard union practice of collective bargaining with a single employer limits the change that HWU as a union of hospo workers can see on a sector-wide scale. The Green Party’s proposal has the potential to create an entirely new employment relations system for the post-Coronavirus workplace. 

“Just as the Employment Relations Act 2000 radically changed employment relations frameworks established by the Employment Contracts Act 1991, we are excited by this opportunity to again reimagine and improve the system of workers’ rights in Aotearoa New Zealand,” finished Schrader.

The Hospo Workers Union looks forward to engaging constructively with the Green Party and other stakeholders to make this a reality.