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Working WOAP? We’ll stop by with a pick me up.

Wellington On A Plate is a wonderful celebration of our industry and its talents. It is also one of the longest and most stressful months for hospo workers. This year it comes at a particularly tricky time, being shifted by COVID-19 right into exam time for students. This is also just as the weather is warming up and people are coming out more.

If you’re a member of the Hospo Workers Union, or are interested in joining, fill out this form and we’ll come by your workplace and drop off a pick me up during WOAP.

Only available for hospo workers in Wellington City.



Today, 3 October 2020, marks the 75th anniversary of the World Federation of Trade Unions. The WFTU shows us what a trade union should be, not just something that fights for your rights at work, but an organisation that is anti-fascist, anti-sexist, anti-imperialist, and anti-capitalist.


COVID-19: To all HWU Members

Dear friends and comrades,

Lots of you have probably heard the news that Auckland has a new COVID-19 case and has been placed into Level 3 restrictions until Friday, at which time the Ministry of Health hopes to understand more about the origin of the case so that response measures can be taken. Until this time, the rest of the country is back in Level 2 restrictions. If you had not heard yet, surprise!

We are contacting our Auckland members and delegates over the next 12 hours to ensure that they and their workmates can stay safe and secure during this week but wanted to contact everybody to let us know the union is there for you: at work, or if we can’t work at all.

This is a developing situation and we do not know what will happen beyond Friday at this point in time. Please follow us on Twitter or Facebook as we will continue to post updates there, but rest assured we will be in touch as the situation and countermeasures both develop.

Do not hesitate to talk to us if there is anything we can help with, or if you just want someone who understands the situation to chat to. It is a daunting feeling not knowing if we will be back in Level Four or what might happen in the slightest, but we will always be here for you.

Some trade unions overseas have adopted the slogan “physical distancing, social solidarity” and we share that sentiment with all of you tonight.

Our best wishes,

Madds & Zeb


Press Releases

Union backs Green Party call for hospitality sector working group

The Hospo Workers Union (HWU), a rank-and-file union of hospo workers for hospo workers is endorsing the policy proposal of the Green Party for a hospitality sector working group that brings together trade unions, employers and the Government to jointly chart a more sustainable future for the hospitality industry.

“The hospitality industry is one of the most precarious industries with high worker turnover, low pay and long hours. Furthermore, international studies have shown that hospo workers are more likely to have alcohol problems and smoking habits and have higher second-hand smoke inhalation than the general population,” said Zebedee Schrader, Secretary of the Hospo Workers Union.

“As hospitality slowly resumes and the pandemic subsidies, this is an incredible opportunity to work together on improving some of these problems which not only have this effect on hospo workers but are also detrimental to the hospitality sector as a whole,” continued Schrader.

Due to the large number of small employers in the hospitality sector, the standard union practice of collective bargaining with a single employer limits the change that HWU as a union of hospo workers can see on a sector-wide scale. The Green Party’s proposal has the potential to create an entirely new employment relations system for the post-Coronavirus workplace. 

“Just as the Employment Relations Act 2000 radically changed employment relations frameworks established by the Employment Contracts Act 1991, we are excited by this opportunity to again reimagine and improve the system of workers’ rights in Aotearoa New Zealand,” finished Schrader.

The Hospo Workers Union looks forward to engaging constructively with the Green Party and other stakeholders to make this a reality.

Press Releases

Hospo union calls for increased worker protections during COVID-19 recovery

The Hospo Workers Union (HWU) is calling for greater attention to be paid to the health and safety of workers on May Day, including a government supply of primary protective equipment to workers of all businesses operating during the pandemic alert plan.

While we may have avoided a significant ‘first wave’ of COVID-19, many hospitality and other workers are now actually at greater health and safety risk due to increased opportunity for exposure to COVID-19.

Zebedee Schrader, Secretary of the Hospo Workers Union and a hospitality worker in Wellington said, “After over a month of cooking their own food, Kiwis are now re-discovering why our country is known for its culinary scene. As the crowds outside restaurants have shown, hospitality is fast becoming a de facto essential service for Kiwis. It is important that hospo workers and businesses get the support they need to not put any workers’ health at risk.”

The Hospo Workers Union has a small supply of PPE available to its members, but a comprehensive response requires a government-level solution. Many restaurants are small, owner-operated businesses who cannot adequately source PPE which is in already scarce supply. 

“Prime Minister Ardern and the Government have been providing excellent leadership through these uncertain times and ensuring Aoteaoa has the best response possible to the COVID-19 crisis. This has had great success, and we believe this small measure simply makes our collective response even stronger. We need to have the backs of everyone on our five-million strong team,” continued Schrader.

The Employment Relations Act 2000 provides a framework within which workers are allowed to take industrial action for health and safety purposes. To ensure healthy and harmonious workplaces, the Government needs to do more to provide workers and businesses, particularly in hospitality, with the protection required.


Celebrating Working Women’s Day

This International Working Women’s day we take a moment to reflect on the immeasurable contributions of countless women who, throughout history, have fought for, striked for, and spearheaded the struggle for peace and bread. Inspired by the incredible wāhine of the past and present, HWU has strengthened our resolve to end the gendered pay gap in hospo and to fight against precarious working conditions in all industries that continue to devalue the work of women.

To all our beloved sisters, comrades and friends: Happy International Working Women’s day.

Finally a huge thank you to the talented Maori_mermaid for letting us use your beautiful art 💚💚


Working hospo on Valentine’s Day? We’ll drop off a care package.

We know that Valentine’s Day is one of the worst shifts of the year — so the union is here to make it a bit better. The Hospo Workers Union is offering a free Valentine’s Day mid-shift care package with some treats to keep you alive for the rest of the night.

This is only available to workers within Wellington City.